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9 minute read

Functional Mixins and Advice in JavaScript

If you haven’t yet read Angus Croll’s excellent blog post: A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins,I recommend doing that before reading this article.

The original post focuses mainly on performance, and doesn’t fully explore the possibilitiesof having our...

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7 minute read

Introducing Backbone.Obscura

collection .setSort('age', 'desc') .filterBy({ isStudent: true });

It’s generally not too long into writing your first Backbone app that you start to run into the problem of filtering. You have a list of items, and you want to add...

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7 minute read

Building UMD modules with dependencies with Browserify


@nicolas_hery pointed me to his project cjs-umd that builds on top of pure-cjs, an alternative project in the same spirit of Browserify, that makes this approach really simple. I recommend checking it out and see if it meets your needs.



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